R. Federer – J.M. Del Potro TIPS, PREVIEW & PREDICTION (29.10.2017)


Federer – Del Potro – Basel viewers will have the opportunity to watch the real spectacle, as R. Federer and J.M. Del Potro. Federer scored in the final match with D. Goffin, while Del Potro in two sets was better than Croatian tennis player M. Čilić.

R. Federer
Federer will have a chance to win another trophy in front of his audience. For placement in this finale, the Swiss made it easier than expected to win over D. Goffin. We have to say that we expected a better resistance from a Belgian tennis player because he has been playing very well in the past and he has won two ATP titles. However, in this match, Goffin did not show what he was able to do, so Federer was very easy to win.
The semi-finals lasted only 62 minutes, and during that time Federer had left only three gems to his opponent. It is clear that this is a devastating result for players such as D. Goffin. Based on the final result of the match (6: 1 6: 2), all the more important statistical parameters belong to Federer. Goffin was only better in the number of hit asas (6: 4), but that is not so important if Federer had the first service of as much as 91%.

J.M. Del Potro
Del Potro had M. Čilić in his semi-finals for his opponent, who was overwhelmingly convincing (6: 4 6: 4). This is a convincing result because Čilić is valid for a tennis player who has one of the best ATP Tour services, but in this match his service was completely scheduled and some service gems were lost even without a winning score. Of course this made it easier for Del Potro to solve this match for one hour and 38 minutes of play.
At the beginning of the match both tennis players came to a break, but Chile’s key kits made the ninth round of the first set when it allowed Del Potro to serve in the next set. The so lost set influenced the concentration of Chile, who lost the introductory service gem below the winning point. According to the final result, it is clear that all the statistics belong to Del Potro, and as evidence of the bad service of Chile, we will mention the ratio of the attacked service, which was compelling on the side of Del Potra (67%: 42%).

Our Prediction: R.Federer win @ 1.81

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