Rögle BK – HV71 TIPS, PREVIEW & PREDICTION (07.12.2017)

Rye is heading up in the table
It’s a brand new Rye we’ve witnessed the latest matches and I’m convinced that it’s not going to be long before climbing up the table. Since the change of coach, you have gone from clarity to clarity, and now you were really terrific to return Skellefteå at home, but were actually superior parts of the match. The new coach Cam Abbott has come in with a new game style, focusing on hard work across the track. The players have bought the new system straight away and it’s a great time to check out ice hockey in Lindab Arena again.
On Thursday, an HV71 is taken, which is not particularly powerful. Lastly, they lost to Örebro and it is a very rejuvenated Rögle after the sudden loss to Skellefteå this weekend. The team’s last two addition, Ben Youds, from Växjö and Lucas Elvenes, back from IK Oskarshamn, has impressed so far and given the team an extra dimension in the attack game.
Rögle was incredibly heavy against HV71 last year’s edition of SHL and lost all four meetings. This year, only one time, then the HV71 won 2-1 at home. In other words, it is a rewarding player in the home team, who will do anything to cut three points and cut the distance to Karlskrona in the table. I find value in Rögle BK to win including extension and overtime to the nice odds 2.38.

Hv71 gets tough to fix the site
Last year’s champions HV71 have not convinced me during the season. So far, you are on a sixth place in the table, and therefore outside of the playoffs. Much can of course be due to the injury concerns at the beginning of the season when a total of ten players were written on the absence list, but there is also a certain question mark for the team’s attack game so far. Despite its seventh place in the table, fifth least goals have been scored in the table and the last five games have only managed to make eight goals, five of which came against Mora when they hit the Dalalaget 5-0 a few times ago. It gives the team an average of 1.6 goals per game. Not approved for a team of HV71 caliber.
Up in Örebro at the last one was actually zeroed and the game looked nothing but good. It is obvious that the HV71 has problems with special teams now and despite four PP attempts at Närlekaget, you did not get the puck behind Kilpeläinen in Örebrokassen. In fact, the HV71 is the third worst game in the whole series.
You are now going to Ängelholm and I think that Rögle can go out and shock the ruling masters at home for a boiling hot Lindab Arena (as it was actually the latest matches). The game has looked really good for the Ängelholm team in the recent rounds and that we get 2.38 that Rögle wins including extensions and punishments is absolutely incredible, given that the HV71 has no superform. For me it is taken every day of the week. Should we say that Rögle wins 3-1 and the final goal comes in empty box?

Our Prediction: Rögle BK win @ 2.38