Örebro – Karlskrona TIPS, PREVIEW & PREDICTION (08.02.2018)


Following a direct weak start in 2018, Örebro is now directly involved in SHL’s bottom line and is likely to be forced to play the squad series to save new contracts. At present, the shape is so bad that the team dropped as a stone in the table, making Thursday’s meeting with Karlskrona at home to a bottom meeting.
We did not believe that just a few weeks ago, but a direct horror of results in combination with the fact that several teams in the bottom impressed a little lately, making Örebro de facto now in the bottom line. Örebro now has 45 points and thus lies only one point before Mora at the bottom, while Karlskrona is eight points behind. A loss here and it can suddenly be exciting really.
Örebro is currently on seven (!) Straight losses and what is really contagious is the way the team lost those matches. The defensive seems to have surrendered perfectly and if we can ever talk about bad attitude maybe it is now? Losing all 6-1 away against a bottom competitor, Rögle, in the last match speaks a bit for himself.
Overall, there is not much lightning right now and Thursday’s meeting with Karlskrona becomes very interesting as a final test of where Örebro really stands here and now.
Karlskrona can peel here
Now, anyway, the best weakest team in the series awaits, and Örebro should probably have a good opportunity to finally break its loss trend. On the other hand, it is possible to turn the stern all the way and lift it like Karlskrona now has a real opportunity to actually disturb Örebro here. Is it sometime you’ll meet Örebro, it’s certainly now. In addition, the team has knife against the throat and needs to increase the score immediately if the dream of losing the quarrel is at all.
It’s not run and a victory here is such a thing that had increased that chance properly.
Looking at the team’s latest matches, it is possible to see a positive trend, with three good losses, but the matches have been very frequent. In addition, the team has won the bottom competitors Rögle and Mora from the last few weeks, so obviously there is the ability to win the matches that really matter.

Our Prediction: Örebro win @ 1.73

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