Brazil – Costa Rica World Cup Prediction 22/06/2018

Brazil – Costa Rica World Cup Prediction

The second day of the World Cup is in full swing and promises to be almost decisive for many groups. In particular, it is expected the recovery by some of the favorites who disappointed in the first round of competitions.

In the framework of Group E, to have seriously disappointed in the opening race was Brazil. Tite’s team, after the draw with Switzerland, must now contend with Costa Rica, who in turn was defeated in the match against Serbia.

The race, which will take place at the St. Petersburg Stadium, boasts ten precedents, with nine victories of Selecao and only one of Costa Rica, dating back to 1960.


For Brazil there are no alternatives: win or prepare for a real field battle in the last round with a Serbia that does not seem very malleable. After the lackluster performance with Switzerland, the race with Costa Rica will have to give probable answers on the state of shape of the verdeoro. A new setback could literally unleash a notoriously unbalanced environment, a risk that the South American team must absolutely try to avoid.

The partially negative picture out of the first race, is even more blurred after the news that they want Neymar still struggling with the injury that forced him to stop and operate. In the race with Costa Rica O’Ney should be in the field, but the worry about his real conditions remains.

Probable Training

Alisson; Danilo, Miranda, Thiago Silva, Marcelo; Paulinho, Casemiro, Coutinho; Willian, Gabriel Jesus, Neymar.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica in turn is back from defeat with Serbia, in a race that the Balkan team has been able to interpret better. The magic of Kolarov on punishment seemed to be the logical epilogue of a fairly clear superiority, with Costa Rica incapable of really bothering the Serbian rearguard, if not in flashes.

With Brazil Navas and teammates will have to try to give life to a much more consistent performance if they want to try to resist the predictable outburst of Tite’s men. A task far from simple.

Probable Training

Navas; Gamboa, Duarte, Acosta, Gonzalez, Calvo; Bolanos, Borges, Guzman, B. Ruiz; Joel Campbell.

Prediction Brazil – Costa Rica

The race between Brazil and Costa Rica seems to be marked out, considering the technical gap between the two teams. The Central American team, however, has long been accustomed to starting the game on paper and then flipping the odds. Brazil must therefore be very careful not to find itself excessively in the search for the net, not to offer the side to the opponent’s counter-attack.

Prediction Today: 1 in the first half
Odds: 1.60
Prediction of the Day: Over 2.5 goals
Odds: 1.70