Football Tips Livorno vs Crotone 17/09/2018


Betting Tips Livorno vs Crotone

The Crotone is undoubtedly one of the most serious candidates for the title, Livorno instead dreams of sticking on that label of the newly promoted that does the miracle: each Serie B championship a team promoted by the Lega Pro (or Serie C, if you prefer) surprises all and crown the dream of double jump, who knows that this year does not touch just the boys of Lucarelli. Meanwhile, however, the hierarchies on the card do not make discounts and the Crotone remains there in front of the hypothetical grids at the beginning of the season. A false start, however, characterized the start of the championship of the Calabrian, but the second were redone with the interests …

The key points of the prediction Livorno vs Crotone

Yes, because the beginning was literally a nightmare for the boys of Stroppa, scrambled to the Tombolato by a vicious Cittadella (3-0 for the Veneto the final).

Then, however, at the Scida against Foggia the Crotone took his “revenge”: Apulian swept away with a 4-1 net.

Result more in line with the first of the Italian Cup: the Calabrese, in fact, had passed the first two rounds quite easily.

In the first clear home victory against Giana (4-0 the final result), in the second just a victory away to Livorno (0-1).

The Tuscans were bad even in the first and so far only in the B championship: against Pescara away 2-1 for the Abruzzi.

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The feeling is that the Crotone is a team built to win and somehow aware, strong to head despite the relegation of last year. Livorno has yet to find its identity. Let’s play a double chance X2 to which we add an Under 3.5 to raise a bit ‘the mail.

Bet Tip: X2 + Under 3.5
Odds: 1.6

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