Young Boys vs Valencia Champions League 23/10/2018


Champions League Young Boys vs Valencia

In one of the several games of this day on Tuesday and open this third day of the Champions League to be played in the city of Bern at the Swiss Stadium play the formation of the Young Boys’ home and Valencia’s visiting formation in the first meeting between the two teams in history.

Young Boys

The home team enter this meeting with a very positive start to the season so far in global terms, although not so much in terms of the performance of the Swiss champion at the level of the Champions League so far, where the team adds up to 0 points until at the moment, being the only one still not knowing what it is to score in the race in this group H, although it is in a good moment in terms of its national championship, with the isolated leadership.

The team is now in a less positive phase, adding 3 matches without knowing how to win.


As for the visitor training, comes to this meeting of the third day of the millionaire event also in a somewhat fragile position so far adding only 1 point in 6 possible so far, urgently needing to add points to be able to still dream of a qualification for the next phase of the competition having already some disadvantage points for Man Utd and Juventus. The team continues to have an early season to forget, adding just 1 win since the start of the season in a total of 11 games already played

Football Betting Prediction Young Boys vs Valencia

Given the bad moments of the places in the last matches and the moment of the Spanish team at the beginning of the season, revealing difficulties to obtain victories (something that is very due to the weak offensive capacity of Valencia, at least in terms of finalization) I think we should have here a game marked by balance and with a smaller number of goal chances.

Prediction Today: Under 3 gloss
Odds: 1.45

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