Valencia vs Atalanta Free Betting Tips


Valencia vs Atalanta Free Betting Tips

Valencia had a good group stage in a complicated group where Ajax and Chelsea were also.

They managed to finish in 2nd place ahead of the Dutch. They decided on the group stage precisely in the Netherlands where they won 1-0 and were thus in 2nd place in the group.

Valencia have been a bit of an irregular team, sometimes they play well, sometimes others are less successful.

One of the most disastrous games they had was precisely the 4-1 defeat at Atalanta’s home in a game where they never met and then in terms of submission, they were a somewhat wasteful team.

Due to this huge disadvantage, there is no other one for Valencia: in this game it is attacking, attacking and attacking. We must have a strong Valencia from the start, even if the public is not on their side.

Atalanta is a very interesting team, this year they are playing very good football, a lot of quality in the last third and the players feel comfortable attacking and attacking.

This is the team’s philosophy of play and for that reason I do not believe that they adopt a very defensive posture in Valencia. Play wherever you play, the mentality is to win and score goals.

They know that in this tie they score away, fix with Valencia and with all certainty that they are going in search of that goal.

They had a good group stage and in the moment of truth, they beat Shakhtar in Ukraine and moved on in this group.

Atalanta is confident, has a good advantage and that plays in favor of the Italians who will not have to face a full Mestalla in support of the Spaniards.

Prognosis: Here I expect a very intense game since the beginning of the game, with Valencia having more initiative and going up against Atalanta with everything because they desperately need goals.

There is nothing left but to attack and give everything for scoring goals. Atalanta know how to attack with quality and score as many goals at home as away.

They must score in Spain and here my bet is on More than 1 goal in the 1st half of the game. I think that at the very least we are voids for green.

Valencia vs Atalanta Free Betting Tips

At least 1 goal we should have, either due to the strong entry of Valencia or the responsiveness in offensive terms that Atalanta has, so, if that goal appears within 15/20 minutes of the 1st half, I fully believe that the 2nd goal will happen and that we have this green bet and the value is there.

Betting Tips: Over 1 goal HT
Odds: 1.41

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