Daniele Rugani has Covid-19 & Covid-19 extends to the NBA


Daniele Rugani has Covid-19 & Covid-19 extends to the NBA

The Juventus defender and Cristiano Ronaldo teammate was recently diagnosed with the Covid-19 virus, although he did not show any symptoms, however, this did sound the alarms within the club that promptly put the player in social isolation, as well as warned everyone who may have interacted with him recently.

Daniele Rugani has Covid-19 – Juventus end of season at risk

Like all Italian clubs, Juventus is also in a delicate situation as there is no certainty regarding the resumption of sporting activities in the country in the near future.

The club is in a fierce fight for the title of ‘Scudetto’ from Italy with Lazio of Rome and Inter Milan, but everything indicates that this battle for the most important title in the country will have to be frozen for a few more weeks.

The Bianconeri need to reverse a 1-0 disadvantage brought from France against Lyon, but it will not be easy to make this match on Italian soil and there is even debate about the possibility of the challenge taking place in another country, something that would naturally be harmful to the Italians who would lose totally your home factor.

For now, this clash has not yet been postponed and there is even the possibility that it could take place behind closed doors, probably elsewhere in Europe.

Cristiano Ronaldo remains away from his teammates

If the match really happens next Tuesday, the preparation for the challenge will be far from ideal for Maurizio Sarri, seeing himself deprived of Daniele Rugani who will be in isolation for some time, in addition to seeing Cristiano Ronaldo currently ‘arrested’ in Madeira pending further developments on the situation within the club.

The Portuguese striker moved to his homeland immediately after the 2-0 victory over Inter to visit his mother, Dolores, who recently had a stroke and is in a recovery period.

With highly conditioned air circulation to and from Italy, and the news from Daniele Rugani, the club, together with the Portuguese star, will have chosen not to force his return to the country, at least for now.

Rugani case sounded alarms at clubs that recently faced Juve

Naturally, and in addition to the player’s own club, all opponents who recently faced the Transalpine club have been quarantined in order to check if there are any cases of contagion in their players.

Inter Milan promptly announced this preventive and containment measure, with others like Lyon, Brescia or SPAL also considering following the same procedures.

Interestingly, Rugani is only the second player from the most respected European leagues to test positive for Coronavirus, after an athlete from Hannover in the Bundesliga was the first.

Covid-19 extends to the NBA

But this problem is not only caused by football, and tonight the NBA announced that the season will be temporarily suspended due to the appearance of the first cases in the North American league.

Utah Jazz athlete Rudy Gobert was positive for Covid-19 and the NBA immediately suspended all activity until further details were known, particularly with regard to possible contagions to teammates and opponents.

This was a particularly ironic case that symbolizes that this virus makes no distinctions and can reach anyone.

The giant jazz pole had played at a press conference with apparent world alarmism, playing on all the recording equipment present at that conference, as a joke.

Well, irony also takes place in these things and he has just been the first NBA basketball player to be positive.

In a phase when the competition was approaching the final decisions of the regular phase, with the teams struggling to improve their positions of access to the playoffs or struggling to enter the top eight of the conferences, it is time for recollection and precaution.

Naturally, this will hurt those teams that were experiencing better stages of the season like the Toronto Raptors or OKC Thunder, but it will also favor those teams that had several important players injured, thus gaining more time to remedy those injuries in good time.

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