The Different Types of Gamblers


The Different Types of Gamblers

The regulation of betting in Portugal has changed, in many ways, the way of thinking about sports betting. And there are certainly positive aspects of this change, since it opened up horizons, attracted new customers, as well as scholars and the media.

The Different Types of Gamblers

However, to a large extent, the gambler continues to be treated as a specimen condemned to injury in exchange for brief moments of entertainment. But, is there only one type of gambler?

Psychology has alerted, over the years, to the problem of online gambling, where many people lose emotional control and end up losing large amounts of money, consequently damaging their personal lives and those of those around them.

Although the message is very real, the study is incomplete. When studying the behavior of problem gamblers, expert and profitable gamblers are ignored.

So the question remains: after all, how many types of bettor are there? We can divide bettors into three distinct groups.

Casual Bettor

The casual gambler is the most well-known type, and also the most studied type. Let’s imagine that bets are an infinite building of knowledge, in which we have to climb stairs to reach a new floor.

The casual bettor is the one who never left the ground floor. This means that everyone who entered the building inevitably became casual gamblers.

The casual gambler is essentially characterized by the search for adrenaline. It is someone who is thrilled that he is putting money into a certain event where he cannot control the outcome.

And since, in betting, the accounts are made in the long term, this type of bettor is doomed to loss, being guided by emotion, falling into basic traps and skipping important decisions such as bankroll management, value and other determining factors .

It is a type of gambler that appears at certain specific times. Bet because there is a big event, like, for example, the final of the Champions League, a European or a World Cup, or simply, because something led you to bet, like, for example, watching a game live.

This is where scholars fail to see the building as it is. There is a clear tendency to affirm that from this point there are three possible scenarios: the first continue on the ground floor, where they warn that control is needed.

The second, go down to the basement, where there is no lighting. This is where those who pursue greed go, attracted by a utopia that bets make easy money. And for this reason, it is often said that the best scenario is the third, leaving the building, as the door is always open.

The problem is that none of these scenarios encompass profitable punters. So there is a fourth scenario – going up the stairs.

Recreational Gambler

The decision to climb the building’s stairs is not an easy decision. It requires a realistic sense of what is expected, of hard work, sacrifice, and courage.

Not everyone who decides to take this step has this notion. And many start running up the stairs, so they constantly hear bettors already upstairs shouting “bets are a marathon, not a race”, which makes sense, if the building is infinite why run?

Bets are not an exact science, and each step is valuable, if we run a lot, jump floors, and back, and a half we are forced to go down stairs, making a reverse path, but the building is only standing because it has foundations. The gambler must also create his own.

The first floor is probably the most confusing one, the recreational bettor made the decision to go up the stairs because he realized that his lack of betting methodology would not allow him to create a gambling leisure.

However, now he is bombarded with concepts that are difficult to deal with, and he responds (almost) always using shortcuts.

Many experts are faced with the question “What is the secret?” On a daily basis, but there is no secret.

There is no magic formula that allows you to earn money, and faced with this question, the experts’ answer is identical. Experience.

In fact, it is not possible to transmit all the experience obtained over the years, each step was a well of wisdom that was drunk.

In other words, the building has no elevator, there is no way around it, to reach the upper floors, you have to climb the stairs.

Unlike the casual gambler, this is a more developed type of gambler, who begins to create a method. Due to inexperience, he still tends to generate losses in the long term, being able to live good moments in the short term.

However, there is certainly one aspect that differs from a casual gambler – the fact that he has controlled losses, that is, he loses what he can lose.

Eventually, all recreational gamblers aspire to be expert gamblers.

Expert Gamblers

The expert bettor is the most interesting type of bettor, and it is even surprising that he is not the target of further studies.

It is a rare case, because it has characteristics that are not yet well understood. We know that experience is an important factor in reaching this level, but what could additionally lead a bettor to become a specialist, able to profit in the long run?

Not all specialists are the same, each one developed their own method along the way, adapted to their style.

Because betting is not an exact science, we can see that there is more than one winning method. But, all experts have at first sight a common characteristic and attribute.

Characteristically, expert punters don’t feel any emotion or adrenaline. This allows for a change in behavior when making decisions, and it is easier for an expert to ignore an event realizing that it is worthless.

This is the main difference between a recreational gambler and an expert gambler. An expert’s motivation is money, nothing more.

Even though the recreational gambler seeks profit, he often falls into the temptation to make it at his favorite events, while for the specialist, money is money and no matter where you win it.

An expert bettor has a greater notion due to experience, which is always on.

So, manage your bank better, bet less amount knowing that “tomorrow” there will certainly be another race, in this aspect, the specialist easily ignores a great final, a great media event, if he does not find value, knowing that he can resort to other events to make a profit.

It is, therefore, a type of gambler that completely dominates the emotional side, something that the recreational gambler still fights, forcing value in events that stir passion.

In addition, experts have one attribute in common. Risk intelligence. Not everyone becomes an expert, because not everyone has the capacity to live with uncertainty.

The specialist is someone who has already made peace with uncertainty, who knows that he will eventually lose, but who can see beyond the search for excellence.

In fact, management seeks to study this type of investment, and expert bettors are the perfect targets for the study.

In many cases, without even knowing how to explain how, the experts gather information and a number appears miraculously.

This number is always very close to the real odds of something happening in an event.

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