Consistency in bets


Consistency in bets

An article I really had to write this week, after big gains or problems, is to keep the winnings and the so-called Consistency in the bets.
But the question of the order is, how do we have consistency in sports betting?

Easy, easy, I’m here! Jokes aside, this article matches the title that precedes it.

In sports betting, consistency is something that is much sought after by bettors, they all try to hit more than make mistakes.

This is the motto that all gamblers go through, and also a beautiful headache, say.

But let’s go to the subject that brought us today, consistency in the bets!

Hitting more often than losing bets is undoubtedly a great start to understand a little bit about consistency, being robust in your entries is an asset for your ROI and of course it is for your betting bank.

Having a good performance is undoubtedly a basic principle and a small step towards consistency, but once you understand the definition, let’s go for practice!


Corrections, betting is important, having the highest number of bets won is a good start and something that you should consider to reach your famous consistency.

Hitting lots of bets is indeed essential to get there, but taking it easy isn’t everything!


In addition to getting the bets right, you have to make money from it, this situation affects the odds and stakes involved a lot.

Entering worthwhile odds and having a strategic stake plan is another big step towards the famous betting consistency.


Yes, once again ROI is part of this magic formula that we are here to address today.

A good ROI is fundamental, but I would say that it is a result of good betting consistency. Thinking about having a good return on our invested money is also another step towards getting there.

How? To think that each bet we make may be contributing to an increase in our ROI and of course it will consequently benefit us in our consistency.


I called it that way to not cause you a headache today, but many call it HIT Rate, it is another factor that you should take into account to reach a good consistency in the bets.

A good HIT Rate allows you to be one step ahead of your Red’s, or even a Bad Run that is normal for you.

After using technical terms and something more “overwhelming” I will now focus on the other part that we should also be concerned with, the psychological part of our mind.

Something important in betting, and that many do not want to know is our mind, the way our mind is in order to work or concentrate on sports betting in this case.

Being attentive, especially in live betting is very important, and above all focused, without anything distracting you.

The mind is part of our consistency in sports betting, being with a healthy mind and prepared to be in the betting is for me a factor that I consider most at the moment.

I’ll just give my opinion, because here I consider it to be a sensitive issue for many, because each one knows how they like to be in the bets and to place their bets.

Of course, between professional and recreational gamblers, states will be different, but even so, I wanted to refer to these two types of gamblers.

Being in a good mood, with the “head” to be betting, is part of it, as well as seeing value on one line or seeing another line that is badly placed.
Sleeping for me is part of it and I take it very into account, I confess that I should do it more often or better for longer, but those who bet know and have slogans that say “a gambler does not sleep, rest” – I agree!

Hours of games that we want to enter or be aware of, and what sometimes costs more is to see many games in a row, the mind sometimes needs to shut down, for a certain period of time.

This factor, as well as rest, doing something else, will certainly influence your choices, your bets and of course break your consistency if you are not well, or with a healthy mind.

Sleeping for me is part of it and I take it very into account, I confess that I should do it more often or better for longer, but those who bet know and have slogans that say “a gambler does not sleep, rest” – I agree!

Returning to the theme itself, having consistency in betting means having the greatest number of factors at your side that allows you to be better and bet and improve each day.

Tools are also something you can and should use to increase your consistency, I mean programs for example, live scores, or other tools that help you decide better.

Not specific, because I know and have the real notion that each bettor likes certain and certain sites or programs, because they were “born” to bet with those live scores for example.

I know that the bettor has an added difficulty to change, or to use something different for the same purpose, it costs a lot to “change”. But changing can sometimes help you find your way, sometimes you may not be seeing what you really need to see or have the information for it.

In my case the Xg (expected Goals) was difficult to look at and interpret that, but for my hit rate or Hit Rate it brought me a very significant value in my choices and in the entries I make.

Now with the idea of ​​summarizing and taking stock of everything I wrote here, consistency in the bets is something very important, but it depends on many factors and some as I have even addressed external.

Being a winner, having consistency in the bets you make is part of your betting method, and I would even go further, it is the result of your method.

The advice I leave is to use and abuse your method, trust it, but be astute, when it is not working, stop and analyze. Stopping, thinking and correcting is no harm, think that your stool is not made of iron or rather it is not a bottomless pit.

Something that I have defended in our betting Podcasts, bet more and more with quality and less on impulse, not everything that moves or is happening has value.

Betting is not like that, betting is taking things for granted and doing things with your head, torso and limbs. Live betting is knowing why and understanding why we are making that entry into the market.

Respect your betting bank a lot, if you do it, consistency will be part of your day-to-day, and respect your stake plan, gold factor of the most important to retain.

Use a strategy or define one for live betting for example, think about various scenarios and how you can always win in that game. Image always the worst case scenario, because if it doesn’t, they are always ahead of that entry or game.

Analyze, take good care of your bet, understand the nuances that the game can give you and of course the odds that offer you to be misplaced and then enter the market with value.

Always be attentive to the market, sometimes in the CLV (Closing Line Value) the market adjusts itself or has a great tendency to correct itself or to show even what will happen at the end of the game.

This topic can be addressed in one of the next articles, but do not forget, that without knowing this, the next ones may be more demanding of understanding.

Focus and concentration, having a head on the bets, and being “willing” to bet to be analyzing games and checking for errors or “gaps” in the market is also part of a good consistency in betting.

I also know that the professional bettor this promise can be difficult to make, but if he is a professional, he knows how to manage and well, he will soon know how to manage this problem that for sure he will face you more every day.

Friends, the motto is given, here in words and through my opinion, now read, think and define your own strategy. Sit down, think about how you will work, how you will achieve your betting consistency, and how you will get there.

One more piece of advice and the simplest, do not complicate, use or think of something simple, something that is transparent and easy to reach. Do not use complicated or complex methods, as it will take more time and it may be more difficult to see the consistency of bets reaching you.

That’s all for today, don’t bet too much, few and good as we say at the time of roasted chestnuts. Use and abuse the concepts, but above all use your purpose and to help achieve what you want, clear success.

A hug and good bets and of course good luck, it is also necessary.

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