How to bet on the start of the championships


How to bet on the start of the championships

Today I bring you an article that may or may not help you on how to act on your bets at the beginning of the championships

This theme is more real than ever and especially at this stage, where the second leagues are already starting the first ones are bursting.

In addition, something that already moves with our finger and desire and the qualifications for the Champions League and Europa League.

We will address this as well, because these started even earlier …

Champions League and Europa League qualification

Well here, care is always needed, strong teams, mixed with very weak and unknown teams, can lead us to deception.

We still have a note here, as they had to start their preparation earlier, they may be in deficit.

Yes, because they did not have so many teams, for example, to play, available, most were still on vacation.

Many teams have seen their players being called up for national teams, world championships etc. etc.

These players also arrived later and can weaken those teams, especially the best ones.

In my opinion, the best thing is to be out, and the results are visible. The last round, the Europa League first leg was a mirror of what I said here.

The GREAT teams won, some thrashed and others were left to whom. Many were even surprised by the so-called small teams.

What I noticed, especially in the Europa League, was the lack of BTTS and over’s for example.

Everything has an explanation, and I found one. UEFA is making an effort to make the Europa League as competitive as the Champions League.

The investment is notorious and the biggest prize is the champion, he goes directly into the Champions League the following year. Do you want a better incentive than that?

Another is even the revenue, the prizes have increased slightly, as a result of the update by competition, and it is necessary to give more visibility and credibility to this competition, where for example the British do not even like. Last year we have already seen this scenario change.

So, in my opinion, there was a strong bet on the promotion of this Europa League, and the changes in the Rankings helped to unbalance this competition even more, but to “pull” more the type teams for this competition.

That said, UEFA wants to sell well in the group stage, with strong teams that earn more money from the sale of television rights.

I hope to enter the group stage only in terms and now talking about betting. I believe that this year we can adjust our ROI more in this competition, feeling

Second divisions

Here the start was made this week, and I advise you to be very careful, take a look at the moves or not of the teams of these groups.

Second LeagueBetting up the division and the real goals of the teams.

Initially the odds given by the bookmakers may be unbalanced and may extract “juice” from there.

Knowing deeply a second league, can give a good boost to your bankroll. But once again I say that you should know in detail everything I said above.

Wait for the 1st and 2nd rounds to be sure of what you think.


Please note that in some championships, especially those that start in the first half of August, they may still undergo changes.

I speak of the transfer window and I send your attention to the teams of these championships that are going to play access to the Champions League.

For example, in Liga NOS, Benfica will have a terrible August, play their Champions League qualification with Fenerbahce at home, then in the middle play with Sporting and then go to Turkey.

Complicated month and be careful with that and keep away from problems that may influence your analysis of the game and the future bet.

A piece of advice, because this is how I “work”, I always let “four days” go by without doing anything.

I can see, I watch the league games that I “work” and only then do I make a final judgment about those same teams.

With 4 to 5 rounds it gives me time to see their performances at home and away, the ideas of the game and if I see improvements here and there between the teams and then in their confrontation at the time.

With time I will enter the leagues, even those that start later, I will also adapt in my logistics and my notes.

Friends, I know we are all anxious, the World Championship, in general, was not very profitable, and many are “thirsty” to return to the day-to-day betting.

But a piece of advice, start calmly, slowly, go looking, seeing, point in one booklet or another about a certain team.

Believe that this will serve in the near future. Obviously try to see the initial games, especially because some are on vacation, it is August, the month with more competition on the beaches, this can also help in the future.

In short, calm, observation, point out what you think surprises or disappoints you in that specific team.

We still need to talk about the Stakes, yes it is important to start slowly, but here the methods and the control of your bankroll will dictate, no matter how much you warn.But in my opinion, start at “Flat Stake” and go up according to the confidence in the teams and the leagues and in particular in the markets we choose to bet on.

So it was friends, a new season, a new article, and I hope with the necessary, short and direct information to help you start the championships.

I just have to wish you luck, a good time and that in the end our bankroll would smile at us and so would we.

Management plus management and a lot of knowledge will be the ideal formula to get away in this very complicated world.

Good luck and see you in the next article, and good bets!

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