Today’s bets vs Tomorrow’s bets


Today’s bets vs Tomorrow’s bets

As I will always divide by topics, some subjects that I will have to think about in the future and I will have to demystify in the present.

In short, to say what we have today and not tomorrow, and on the other hand, make a return to the past and know what we had and that today, for example, we no longer have or are no longer used.

Having a sense of what was fashionable in the past today is “normal” and what today is futurology tomorrow will be used by all of us.

I speak in general, methods, lines, markets, leagues what you think is normal today, I am sure that tomorrow will be banal and something outdated.

In our day to day it is like that, in fashion, the clothes of the 60s are not used today, the haircuts, everything changes evolves, but here and there we can see something that is back in fashion. But that we leave for later, another article, but addressing this also gently to better explain the concepts.

The idea will also be to make a duel a “vs” between today and a very close tomorrow I would say, but always with an eye to reality and consistency in sports betting.

Let’s do it? Forgive me for daring or futurology in betting, but I think we can afford that luxury today.


Today’s markets will obviously be tomorrow’s markets, the famous Money Line (ML) or the over’s I believe will last forever.

Other new ones, such as the corner markets, cards that we usually call side bets, will in the future be called “normal” bets because, until then, the houses will suffer from the experts in these markets and will adjust in these specific markets.

The evolution of betting goes through this a little, the new market lasts for a while and then it is normal, with fair odds and said “normal” where the houses in the future will feel less affected.


I talked about odds, and following the idea of ​​the previous topic, I entered already to address this situation of odds.

The odds will vary here and there, but more and more fair and more and more “normal”, where as I said in other articles, we will have to get used to the “Calibrated Line” – odd calibrated by bookmakers and oddsmakers.

This odd will be less and less Fair line in certain markets, until other markets appear and everything returns to the same.


Nowadays we already have odds for all kinds of competitions, in general, of course, everything is open to betting. From whoever wins the Y or X program everything has an odd so that we can bet.

In the future it will be more of the same, sports that today are not seen as a target for betting, in the future it will be normal to have lines and odds for certain events. Why?

The idea and the theory of Evolution in online betting is simple and that every time gold is discovered, houses go there and end prospecting.

So Punters are always looking for something new and different, say, something that houses are not prepared for. I believe that with this theory, one day we can bet on a sport or event that we normally devalue today.


Very strong, more and more they will be, on the one hand, “hovels” as I call them the other dominators of the market.

But being under the purview of UK Gambling does not allow him to fly, and as you know, or if you go around saying, the idea is to “flee” to Malta and go back to being a big player in the betting world as it was once recognized and even today as the best European bookmaker.

New houses will appear, some have remained, others have closed, and what you should be concerned about are those that appear and quickly leave, because if they have money there could be an extra problem.

Try to know what houses these are and if they can be trusted, but when in doubt use the ones that the majority use and the one that has more feedbacks in the market, here’s the tip!


Today they are fighting and tomorrow too, the future increasingly difficult and painful, and where those who want to stay will have to work harder and harder. More than now, because the world of betting does not stop and having a great backoffice helps in the preparation and in the perception of the future of betting.

Whoever has gone through several changes in betting is better prepared than the one who arrives now, I know that the only advantage that a bettor has today that he did not have in the past is access to information.

This leads me to want that whoever wants to be good at betting will have a faster evolution than before. Today betting sites proliferate, newspapers and television stations even have bookmakers, everything is more accessible.

The contents are more and more detailed and more specific, and the target audience increasingly demanding and with this natural development of information, I believe that in the near future bettors will be much more equipped with information than now and increasingly capable.

But also and it is said, the times change, the wills change, but it seems to me that the contents are coming to stay. The question now is, what to do with the extra information. But that is already the motto for another article!

Futurology in sports betting

Now it is that part that we are going to guess more than giving certainty, but today I can already see the halfway point, because today there is talk of things that in 2012, when I entered the bets, it was barely heard.

I speak of brookers, and the future will be that for several reasons. First of all the regulations and restrictions of countries that want to regulate sports betting. The power of Asian bookmakers with superior liquidity, will always cultivate the most ambitious and the most expert.

Brookers have also lost customers, and it is normal for them to want more, even if they download “by in’s” to have access software to homes, demand has also increased.

Even the lesser-known “brands” in the brooker’s market have seen their best customers “flee” to other software and nothing better than taking advantage of the market niche.

Another feature of brookers will undoubtedly be the problems with betting limitations, and even with what they say about the problems of withdrawing and depositing, the new brookers already allow the use of e-wallets, for example.

As I said earlier, the fast growth of bettors nowadays due to greater information and sharing also requires that the best have another absorption of the market and for that it is necessary to be able to receive them. So there is nothing better than having “so-called brookers” so that they can make the transition to the biggest brookers.

The future is obviously also going to be a more ferocious market and even with regulated markets increasingly strangling it is having the perfect notion that few will hold up and that only a few will get away.

We are going to have more regulated markets, more brookers and a more and more future than we know today. It will certainly change the landscape in sports betting plus regulated markets plus informed bettors and the market expands every time.

New bets, new markets and new bonuses will appear, but always with a purpose, to offer us the best option on the market and have our betting stalls in their companies.

Friends get ready the times are changing, and they will change even more, don’t be surprised, it is natural that it is part of the evolution of this fast changing world.

I can give you several pieces of advice and we would not leave here, but the main thing is simple, always be as informed and as possible as possible and in front of the race.

It is necessary to always be equipped with good information and what strengthens you as gamblers and that solves your way / method of betting, that will be even more important in the future.

That is all for today, much could still be speculated about the future of betting, but I believe that the essentials remained and above all a little bit of futurology in sports betting. Ideas and consequences of what we are already seeing today in the current changes in bets.

Good luck and good bets

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