Slovenian handball player enjoys: Everything is the same as it was months ago


Slovenian handball player enjoys Belarus: Everything is the same as it was months ago

Former national team captain who won a gold medal at the Nanjing Youth Olympics, Jaka Malus estimates her first experience abroad is exceptional. In Belarus, with the champions of Meshkov Brest there, he is happy. For one thing, he lives in a country that at one point is one of the few ‘coronas’.

Former captain of the young Olympic Slovenian species Jaka Malus has emerged as one of the most promising players on the sunny side of the Alps among the Slovenian handball elite. From the species of Celje Brewery Laško he quenched to Slovenj Gradec, where he enjoyed a great deal of freedom in attack and defense. Under the baton of Sebastjan Sovič and under the constant supervision of Branko Tamšet, the teammates once waited for their maturity. In the face of personnel distress at the position of the left outside in the ranks of the serial Slovenian champions, he expressly welcomed the opportunity in the most trophy male Slovenian handball collective. He concluded his first competition year among the Slovenian elite as the top scorer of the Slovenian national championship. What followed was perhaps even the most difficult season of her career, getting used to the SEHA regional league level, contacting the Champions League. For a while it was all too demanding, but by the next season he had proven himself at all levels. He even warned himself of the coach, Veselin Vujovic, who gave priority to Alex Vlach.

Malus, however, was waiting for the opportunity in the ranks of the champions to call from abroad. He came from the species of Brest Bags. The Belarusian champion, who has high ambitions in all competitions, but this season they fell a bit short in the elite home of the Champions League, where despite eight points they did not earn promotion to the top 16 clubs. “It hurts us a bit, especially the defeat with Porto. As far as the domestic championship is concerned, we still have five rounds and six points ahead of our closest SKA Minsk follower by the end of the season. “Malus, who has learned the legality of Russian during his nine months as a resident of all-European Brest, has learned the legality of Russian, even though he didn’t have it in elementary school:” It’s the only thing that you really have to learn it. Otherwise, you can have problems every step of the way, because there are very few who know anything English. I studied individually for a few months before leaving for Brest, and here I learned some language and Cyrillic. ”

He has also progressed in handball, enjoying the confidence of Spanish coach Raul Alons, and the minutes are as he could have wished. “I do not miss anything. If the offer of the club came again, I would not think too long, but would sign immediately. The professional staff talks to the players a lot, listens to us. The sport aspect and life in Brest are great. I am lucky that Simon Razgor has been here for six years to speak Russian without a hitch, at first it was extremely difficult for me to squeeze him by the sleeve for every thing, but he immediately said that the way they helped him get used to that’s how he helps today. There’s goalkeeping coach Rolando Pusnik here. There are as many as nine from the former Commonwealth, “says the 23-year-old, who wears a jersey with the number 66 at the club. does not seem to break their championship. But tomorrow may be different.

All the same as nine months ago

Malus arrived on the team as one of the winners of the game. Nine months ago, when he arrived in a city of 350,000 people, he admits that progress has been made at all levels. He was no longer the place he saw when he played with the Celje team in the SEHA League. “A modern European city, there are more and more shops available. Even when my parents and partners were visiting me, they were a little positively shocked, because they did not expect it to be so beautiful, so clean,” continued an outdoor handball player who works and resides in one of the few coronas in Europe. In Belarus, the virus did not stop life. Everything is normal. “It’s like nine months ago when I came in. Individuals wear masks because of the growing number of infected people, you get gloves in the store, but the restaurants are open, the factories are working, we train and play matches. we already secured the title of national champions, we played before the empty stands, but the next championship game we played in front of the audience. Here they say that there will be no changes. I know that the fans measure the temperature before the match. the most popular football and hockey, “explains the current situation in Brest.Handball and football champions come from Brest.

For many years the city was the main handball venue. The reason is winning national titles, playing in the Champions League. But last season there was a lot of interest in football, as they were looking forward to the title of national champion, after ousting Bate Borisov after many years. Another club from the city, namely Rukh, is ranked among the Belarusian elite. “Football is quite popular in the city with recent successes, this is the most important sport at the moment. But I think that, even with the president’s enthusiasm for him, he is one step ahead of all hockey sports,” concluded the Savinja Valley athlete, who can continue completely focused on handball. And he hopes to be so by the end of the season. Until then, he hopes that the situation will calm down in his home country, so that he can return safely to the home circle.

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