Hard times for Neymar Jr


Hard times for Neymar Jr

Football greens have been dormant for the sixth week after the World Health Organization (WHO) declared a coronavirus pandemic on March 10th. The sport’s biggest celebrities are coping with self-isolation in many ways, but one of them, Brazilian star Neymar Jr., admits he is having difficult times with increasing anxiety.

Impact member of Paris Saint Germain Neymar Jr. it is increasingly difficult to tolerate quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic that has plagued world sports.

The Brazilian national striker wrote on his official website, among other things, that he has been experiencing anxiety and anxiety in recent weeks. “Not knowing when I will be able to play football again gives me a feeling of fear, anxiety, anxiety. I speak to myself because it will endure another, second, third day, but it is not easy when you know that the current situation with a pandemic can be he proclaims indefinitely, “is a pessimistic 27-year-old who adds that he misses the fans too.

“They are a key part of our engagement. Just when I think that in the future there will be matches without spectators, I realize that nothing will be as it was before. But we must remain optimistic and believe that one day we will all be looking forward again. great victories. ”

Recall that Neymar is quarantined at his luxury estate in Mangaratiba, not far from the Brazilian capital.

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