Catalans Post Salaries From Real Camp


Catalans Post Salaries From Real Camp: Hazard and Bale at Top

During a forced competitive break, the Spanish Primera Division Championships have been halted since March 13, there is more time and media space to write about topics outside the football fields. At Catalan El Mundo Deportivo, they have worked so hard and wiped out the level of pay at the Madrid Real Camp. El Mundo, of course, is reportedly “sympathetic” to the current Spanish champions from Barcelona. In Madrid, they have not yet commented if the Catalan allegations are correct.

El Mundo has cheerfully announced the amount of annual receipts for Real Madrid football players. “The highest paid are Gareth Bale and Eden Hazard, who make 12 million euros on the season. German Toni Kroos earns a little less money, followed by captain Segio Ramos with a contract worth 10.8 million euros a year and fifth in the rankings. Croatian midfielder Luka Modric, who collects € 9.4 million a year, ”writes a Catalan sports newspaper, adding that Bale has donated almost € 1.2 million to the Wales and Madrid hospitals in the light of the fight against the new coronavirus.

In addition, the club from the Spanish capital, due to a rampage and the consequent suspension of the championship reduced everyone’s salary by ten percent, but if the season does not continue at all, it will deprive them of ten more. “The top-paid galaxies are then followed by Brazil’s Marcelo (€ 8.5 million), Karim Benzema (7.8), James Rodriguez (7.6), Thibaut Courtois (7.2),” adds El Mundo.

In the Spanish Primera Division Championship this time is led by defending champion Barcelona, ​​which has two points advantage over Real Madrid and 11 over third-placed Sevilla.

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