Can a professional soccer player go on strike for fear of corona?


Can a professional soccer player go on strike for fear of corona?

It is not yet clear whether and when the Bundesliga will continue the current season. But what does it look like legally? Do professional footballers have to play despite the corona pandemic? Football lawyer Horst Kletke sees no legal opportunities for professionals who do not want to play in the corona crisis for fear of infection.

“If no contact bans or other restrictions prohibit training or playing, the work must be performed,” said the Frankfurter in an interview with the “Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung”. If the player belongs to a risk group, it “depends very much on the individual case and whether there is a very specific, particular hazard despite all the hygiene and other measures taken”.

When asked whether a “total quarantine” prescribed by the club is legally permissible for a healthy player, Kletke said: “In this point in particular, voluntary acceptance and cooperation is required, because the employment contract does not have a 24/7 timeframe. “Here, however, you would have to stand together so that the play business and thus the common working basis could at least get going again as a ghost play business.

This Wednesday, when Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is consulting the Prime Ministers of the federal states, the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga are hoping for the green light to resume playing without spectators. The German Football League has presented a medical concept for this.

At the end of last week, two players and a coach at 1. FC Cologne had tested positive. According to the club’s statements on Monday, all tests on Sunday were negative. Cologne’s Belgian midfielder Birger Verstraete was the first player to publicly express concerns about the ghost game plan.

If the season breaks off, Kletke sees a possible wave of lawsuits from clubs that feel that they have been treated unfairly when making decisions at the Green Table. “Freezing tables and determining who is going up and down based on the existing state of affairs would very likely lead to very intense legal disputes,” he said.

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