DFL still wants to play Bundesliga ghost games


Dynamo Dresden is out before it starts: DFL still wants to play Bundesliga ghost games

Dynamo Dresden will not be able to play its first two games to restart the 2nd Bundesliga. The DFL’s crisis mode will be put to the next test.

The quarantine case Dynamo Dresden is already messing up the first plans to restart the 1st and 2nd Bundesliga. Although the team in the table bottom is not allowed to play or train for two weeks after two further positive corona tests, the German Football League does not currently see a restart in the lower house in danger.

“If Dresden now goes into quarantine for 14 days, that is no reason to question the continuation of the second division completely,” said DFL managing director Christian Seifert on Saturday evening in the ZDF’s “Current Sports Studio”.

“Only two of the 81 games are affected. It is clear that there is certainly a size, then at some point it will no longer be feasible, ”said the 51-year-old. Seifert did not want to name a number when asked. It also depends on when something like that would happen.

The news of the domestic quarantine for the entire team, the coaching and supervisory staff of the last table Dynamo Dresden reached Seifert on Saturday afternoon. The responsible health department of the Saxon capital ordered the complete quarantine after the team of trainer Markus Kauczinski had only been back in team training since Thursday and had completed two units “under full contact”.

The concept of resuming the game, which should take place in a week, only provided a quarantine for the player who tested positive for Sars-CoV-2. Seifert affirmed on ZDF that it had always been emphasized that the local health authorities would make the decisions. If other offices would make the same decisions as the Dresdeners, that would be the case, said Seifert. It was the third test series for the dynamo players, coaches and coaches. The first one had had a positive test.

The association did not name names with reference to privacy. The two now tested positive had been medically unremarkable in the past few days and are currently still symptom-free.

“In the past few weeks, we have done an enormous amount of work, both in terms of personnel and logistics, in order to strictly implement all prescribed medical and hygienic measures,” emphasized Dynamos Sport Managing Director Ralf Minge. “We are in contact with the responsible health authority and the DFL to coordinate all further steps.”

The game of Dresden on May 17th at Hannover 96 cannot take place initially, as can the home game the following weekend against SpVgg Greuther Fürth. The discussions about possible competitive disadvantages due to the domestic quarantine while the rivals play and train should now be fired up again.

Seifert announced talks with all second division clubs in the coming week on ZDF. “We are not currently changing the goal, only the plans,” said the DFL boss, who was also not surprised by such a scenario: “I do not interpret this as a setback. It was perfectly clear that this could happen. “

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