Storch vs El Mihdawy Free Betting Tips


Storch vs El Mihdawy Free Betting Tips

Consisting of the match between Stefan Storch vs. Adam El Mihdawy from the “International Tennis Series” (United States, hard outdoor). After a detailed analysis, Man from Good Tips chose something interesting for you: betting tips on the exact score!

Stefan Storch (#junior) – is only eighteen years old and until this demonstration tournament he had not faced any opponent from the professionals! Her grandparents performed at junior level, among which we mention the “JB2” category tournament from Lautoka, which she won in a final with her compatriot Akay Cihan (6-4 2-6 6-1). It impresses with a good movement in the field and thanks to the backhand shot that it executes with one hand and always looks for the lengths of the line. He finished the previous two days undefeated with important victories over opponents such as Michael Redlicki (4-0 0-4 4-1), Ivan Yatsuk (4-1 4-3) or Adam El Mihdawy (4-0 4-3). .
Adam El Mihdawy (# 557 ATP) – is thirty years old, is left-handed and was born in New York, although he is originally from Egypt! He failed to make the successful move from the ITF Futures level tournaments to the ATP Challenger Tour, so the only competitions he won over time were somewhat insignificant (fourteen singles and four doubles tournaments). ITF Futures). He is not in a very good shape because in total antithesis to tonight’s opponent, El Mihdawy lost all three games played in the previous two days with Michael Redlicki (2-4 1-4), Stefan Storch (0-4 3 -4) and Ivan Yatsuk (4-2 3-4 3-4), having problems concentrating in tie-breaks.
They have faced each other twice so far! Both duels took place at the current tournament and each time the Australian Stefan Storch won in a minimum of sets (4-3 4-3, respectively 4-0 4-3).
“International Tennis Series” @ United States (hard outdoor) is played according to the system “two out of three” sets, with the mention that the format will be taken from the competition “ATP NexT Gen Finals” with tie-break at “3-3” and not at “6-6” according to the classic format and with “deciding point” when the game reaches “40-40” (deuce).

Betting Tips: 2 – 0 to sets Stefan Storch (AUS)
Odds: 2.35

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